Our Purchaser's View of St Thomas More Place

26 / 07 / 2019 | Developments

Continuing our series of Q&A’s with our purchasers, this time we visited our clients who moved into one of our homes at St Thomas More Place, just off Stoney Lane in the Weeke area of Winchester, to hear their feedback on their buying experience with Hazeley.

What are the stand out features of your brand new Hazeley home?
  • Large windows, there’s plenty of light
  • Love the oak veneer internal doors
  • Neff white goods
  • Colour schemes used
  • Juliette balcony
  • All the bedrooms are double bedrooms

Whichever way we turned we were impressed.  We genuinely walked around our home with smiles on our faces.

Who says new homes don’t have character?  Each room is very different, which brings out your creative flair and they are all attractive spaces to personalise.

We were spared too the trials of putting in a new kitchen.  We would like to compliment the design team at Hazeley.  We would not have been able to design a kitchen like the one we have in our new home, however, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Would you buy a Hazeley new home again?

We have been really impressed by the Hazeley team.  They have been very professional from the beginning.  We visited St Thomas More Place on a number of occasions and they were always very welcoming.  We never felt that we were being a nuisance or put under pressure.  Also, whatever we were told by Hazeley was the case, they did not over promise or under deliver.  

Savills too were very impressive: no hyperbole and we were given consideration and space to reflect and they really let the house speak for itself.

The 2 year after care service is detailed in the Home Owner’s Manual given to us at handover.  It has been comforting that this is not just words, but reality.  A big tick for us!

All in all, it made moving into a brand new home much more pleasurable.  We would definitely buy from Hazeley again and have already recommended them to our family and friends.

It really is a joy to live here.

Where did you move from?

We’ve lived in Winchester now for over 13 years and our last home was a Victorian terraced town house, not listed, but in a conservation area.

Why did you decide to move?

Living in a period home you accept that it will require a lot of maintenance.  It had got to the point that we needed to replace the kitchen and we did go down the road of getting quotes and so on, but started to question if we really wanted to do this and live with builders and brick dust!

So we thought, why not look at a brand new home?

What attracted you to St Thomas More Place and your new home in particular?

We had never lived in a brand new home and 20 years ago we would never have considered it as we thought the specification was lacking.  We were proved wrong though with a Hazeley new home and were really impressed with the quality of the build, fixtures and fittings.

We were lucky to see our home at various stages of the build.  When we first saw the ‘shell’ of the building it was really hard to imagine what it would look like, but we kept coming back and we really warmed to St Thomas More Place.  The more we saw it, the more we liked it.

We liked the fact too that St Thomas More Place is a small development.  It has been thoughtfully designed, as you don’t feel overlooked and the private courtyard has really created our own micro-community.

The convenience of a garage and parking outside our home is a major bonus too.  Where we lived previously had permit parking and it was difficult to park nearby at times.

All in all our house is good value for money.

Why did you choose to stay in Winchester and specifically Weeke?

We love every aspect of living in a historic city like Winchester.  We enjoy the culture, the history and being a small city it’s easy to walk everywhere. 

Initially, we thought Stoney Lane was out of the way, but were pleasantly surprised by the location and views at St Thomas More Place.

There’s a real buzz around St Thomas More Place and we like that; someone is always around and there’s a real community feel.  We like the proximity of Waitrose, Boots, doctors and schools and a genuinely convenient bus service, but that said we regularly walk into the city centre.  We’re pet owners too and there are plenty of walks locally.

Living in a community in a city and close to brilliant amenities you accept that there will be some noise - you can’t have it both ways!  As we said before we like the buzz, we don’t want to be in a quiet place.


To ensure their privacy, our clients have specifically asked us not to publish their names.