The Dowlings, Goodworth Clatford, Nr Andover

10 / 08 / 2018 | Developments

Four detached village houses are under construction in a secluded setting off Barrow Hill in Goodworth Clatford which nestles in the Test Valley surrounded by rolling countryside and farmland.

Sitting at the top of the valley there is well documented archaeological evidence of established settlements in the area dating back to the Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze and Iron Age eras. Habitation increased particularly through the Bronze Age and there are multiple round barrows locally from which it is likely Barrow Hill takes its name.

Communities started to become more organised in the Iron Age and this area is well known for the remains of hill forts which typify the progression in farming, concentration of specialised skills and cooperation and which drew people together for protection.

Then came the Romans with their advanced ideas regarding settlements, political structure, road building for communication and Mediterranean imports.

Often before new developments commence, archaeological examinations are required and this is providing historical societies with missing pieces of the vast jigsaw that is our heritage. Detailed surveys on behalf of Hazeley Developments at this site in Goodworth Clatford revealed early prehistoric flint work, a small alignment of Iron Age post holes and Roman pottery suggesting a continuation of use of the land from earliest times. Evidence of an 11th to 14th century aisled barn was also unearthed with the experts deciding that the absence of domestic rubbish suggests a barn associated with a farm settlement but probably away from the farm complex itself.

The village has continued to evolve, it is thought drawing together two separate communities, Goodworth and Clatford,, which were listed as two distinct settlements as far back as the mid-17th century, to present a desirable place to live today. There are thriving local amenities in the area including a primary school, 13th century church, shop, post office, choice of pubs, garage, recreation ground and sports clubs. The perfect backdrop for this welcome project of four detached new homes.